Saturday, June 7, 2008


Last weekend Heather was in Target and overheard someones conversation that they were going to drive down to Sonic that night. We've never had a Sonic here in Michigan, and I've always wanted to go. I admit it, I really like fast food. Especially fast food that isn't everywhere. Hardees, Fatburger, and White Castle are a few that come to mind. Although I have lived about 300 feet from a White Castle for a few years, it's still great, especially at 2:30 in the morning. After Heather overheard this she told me about it and I went to the Sonic website. They didn't have anything listed and the closest Sonic was still 122 miles away in Indiana somewhere. So I did some more searching and apparently a Sonic had just opened in Southgate and their website didn't reflect this change yet since they hadn't had their grand opening yet. We made plans to go next Saturday. Well, we went. :)

Right before the trip to Sonic:


After the half hour drive, there was a crazy long line:

Heather was not happy at all:

Almost our turn to get into a drive in spot:

The drive-thru menu, the line for the drive-thru was just as long:

Picture of the Drive-In Menu:

The Island Fire Burger:

Much happier after we ordered our food:

Heather's banana milkshake:

I got a chocolate malt:

Tater tots rock:

Heather's onion rings:

Heather's chicken club toaster sandwich:

And finally the island fire burger that I wanted for so long, and it was awesome:

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