Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2007 Green Bay Packers

My Green Bay Packers are now 2-0, are they actually good? The answer is maybe. The first game they kind of lucked their way into winning. Philly really didn't want to win that game, and pretty much gave it to the Packers. This past Sunday they went into New York and kind of pounded on the Giants. Are the Giants terrible, not really, they just aren't great. The Packers D is pretty awesome though, and that Brett Favre guy threw 3 touches and looked pretty damn good. We'll see how great that Packers D is this weekend against the Chargers. Although, the Chargers have looked pretty shitty so far this year. I just hope the Packers win, but allow Antonia Gates to catch about 11 balls and score twice. (He's on my fantasy team.) :)

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