Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lucky Boys Confusion, The Shelter, February 23rd, 2007

Last night may or may not be the last time we ever get to see Lucky Boys Confusion in Detroit. They are on what they call "hiatus", but the rest of us call breaking up. They have been a struggling rock band for 10 years, 7 of those years have been touring across the country playing close to 200 shows a year, and they are getting pretty burned out, and haven't quite made it to prime time yet. While bands that used to open for them, like Fall Out Boy, and the Plain White T's have had some success; Lucky Boys Confusion has not. While I like Fall Out Boy and the Plain White T's I don't think they are any better than LBC. I just hope this wasn't the last time we get to see them, well at least the show last night was great. Here is what I can remember from the set list.

Anything, Anything
Closer to Our Graves
Breaking Rules
Saturday Night
Rolling Rock
City Lights
Like Rats from a Sinking Ship
Blood Drops
Hey Driver

Not necessarily in that order, but pretty close. There were a few hundred people in The Shelter last night to see LBC, and it looked like the band was having a good time. I sure hope they don't call it quits, and keep making great music. The video isn't from last nights show, it's just the best one I could find on Youtube, everyone should check out Lucky Boys Confusion.

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Cutie Patootie said...

I agree - they do rock! However, they are not "sell outs" like FOB and PWT's - as not all songs are radio songs. They are trying to get a more radio friendly sound - but it may be too late for them :( Let's hope this was not the last LBC show in Detroit.